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This unique full spectrum infrared sauna has tremendous health benefits!


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Used in Europe for many years, discover your salty oasis at Sozo Salon & Spa

Human nature seems to gravitate towards extremes. Either people become super driven to succeed or find it very difficult to find the motivation needed to achieve their goals. In either case, one of the primary missing elements is rest and relaxation.

In today's fast paced, electronic driven, and entertainment focused society, one can find it difficult to find true rest, relaxation, and peace.

One avenue to assist you in your journey is to invest some time in an infrared full spectrum sauna. They are a great way to help lose weight, detoxify, re-energize, and assist you in being your best in life. Moderate temperatures ensure a pleasant internal core temperature increase and reach far deeper than traditional high heat/ humidity saunas.

Highly advanced massage chairs are also a great way to relax, release tension, increase circulation, and de-stress your body. There are now machines on the market that will sense your bodies needs and adjust the pressure, intensity, and program to maximize your therapeutic experience. The use of silicone rollers, high pressure air bags, L- Track technology (giving you a range all the way down your legs and buttocks), foot/lower leg technology allows you to have a massage unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Salt therapy booths are trending all over the United States and Canada after the benefits have been well documented in Europe for years. They promote healthy lungs, respiratory function, skin health, increase lung capacity of athletes, are anti-fungal/anti-bacterial, and in 20 minutes make you feel like you just spent some quality time by the ocean! Regular use can have tremendous health benefits and help you enter a new level of relaxation and health in your life.

All three of these unique and beneficial treatments are offered in a "Personal Oasis Room" at Sozo Salon & Spa in Hopkins, Minnesota. Book an appointment today before or after your salon or facial treatment and see what you have been missing out on. Grand Opening specials for the month of March on our personal oasis room are sure to entice you to spend some time relaxing and recharging! Call or book online today!

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