What A Good Sleep! First Time Sauna Use


Full Spectrum Infrared Dry Heat Sauna---Slept Like A Baby!

So, after a few months of dusty and dirty space transformation we are pretty much done with Sozo Salon & Spa and open for business!

Yesterday afternoon was the first opportunity I had to try out our new full spectrum infrared sauna. Wow! It was better than I thought it would be. Beside the fact that I loved the warm dry heat penetration into my body, I can't believe how well I slept last night! I was in the sauna for about 25-30 minutes with the built in speakers softly playing my favorite instrumental music and a cold bottle of water to stay hydrated. The glass door and ceiling are super cool as it creates a nice open, relaxing feel to the space. I could see myself either reading, relaxing, and/or play the tunes again with the provided auxiliary plug in. I was also surprised that I didn't sweat like crazy - but the research and testimonies I've read say you have a deeper, more internal detoxification sweat than what one experiences in a traditional or far rays only sauna.

Here are some of the documented benefits you receive by using this wonderful piece of equipment:

Near Infrared Rays:

Cell Health - Immunity - Wound Healing - Skin Purification - Pain Relief

Mid Infrared Rays:

Pain Relief - Weight Loss - Improved Circulation

Far Infrared Rays:

Weight Loss - Detoxification - Blood Pressure Reduction - Relaxation - Improved Quality of Sleep

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