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Customized facials- great for anyone with skin!

Product lines used:

  • Dermalogica

  • Skin Script Rx

  • Circadia

  • ABI Dermaceuticals

Facials are fully customizable to fit your skins needs and the structure may be different each time. Some enzymes, masques, and modalities require more working time, so consider a 60 or 90 minute service (and enjoy some extra massage!)

• 45 minute custom facial - $65

• 60 minute facial - $80

• 90 minute facial - $110

Lashes and Eyebrows

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes! This process lifts and curls the lashes, and keeps them looking that way for about 4-6 weeks. You’ll look like you’re wearing mascara without having to put any on!

Lashes must stay dry for 24 hours

Lash conditioning serum recommended

• Lash lift (Included tint) - $80 ➢ 60 minutes

• Lash tint (darkens the natural lashes for 4-6 weeks) - $25 ➢ 20 minutes

• Lash and Brow tint (darkens the natural lashes and brows for 4-6 weeks) - $42 ➢ 30 minutes

Brow Lamination gives your brows a lifted, more uniform shape. The brows are styled up and outward for fuller looking eyebrows. Lasts about 3-5 weeks

Brows must stay dry for 24 hours

Brow conditioning serum recommended

• Brow lamination (includes wax and tint) - $110 ➢ 60-70 minutes

• Brow tint (darkens the natural brows for 4-6 weeks) - $21 ➢ 15 minutes

• Lash lift and brow lamination - $185 ➢ 2 hours

Waxing services

Your health is important to us, we never double dip our sticks!

Facial waxing followed by cold globes over Dermalogica’s Calm Water Gel

Hard and/or soft wax is used depending on hair type, skin, and the area being waxed.

Please discontinue use of prescription and over the counter retinols 4-5 days prior to being waxed.

Eyebrow Sculpting - $25

Lip/nose/ chin/ neck line/ side burns - $16

Underarms - $29

Bikini - removes hair from the panty line - $40

• French Bikini - more hair is taken in from the sides as well as the top of the panty line - $50

 Brazilian - All hair is removed from the front and back (or as much hair as you want) - $70

• Half leg - includes knee - $50

• Full leg - $95

• Back or Chest - $70

Back and Chest - $100

Advanced Skin Care Services:

Dermafile - Increase skin brightness and reduce the appearance of fine lines with this diamond file. Gentler than microdermabrasion with great results after one treatment.

20 minutes - $30 or add to any facial service for $20

Dermaplaning - This advanced form of exfoliation removes the outer layers of dead skin with the added benefit of removing unwanted facial hair. See brighter, smoother skin with one treatment!

30 minutes - $50

Bio-Active Peel - $90

Superior skin resurfacing and brightening with no down time! See a noticeable difference in one treatment. A series of three to five may be recommended for optimal results.

A complimentary consultation is required before the peel is administered

Jessner’s Peel - $110

This medical grade peel will give you clearer, smoother skin with a more even skin tone. Great for aging, and hyper pigmented skin. Significant results after one treatment. A series of three may be recommended for optimal results.

A complimentary consultation is required before the peel is administered

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